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    Tuesday, 8 August 2017


     Teenagers problems

    · Main problem of Teenagers today. There could be many reason why they get into this.
    •   PEER PRESSURE is one of the main reason why teens or any college going student get into this habit. If the parents are busy and they don’t have time for their kids than this problem worsens more. Later on there is no point blaming child if initially parents are not there to support him emotionally.

    ·       Parents should give them emotional support and also tell the child how dangerous it is for them and to avoid it.


    ·       Today children are under tremendous pressure from both teachers and parents. They have to get good marks to get admission in top colleges and various courses. High cutoffs of all undergraduate colleges now a days reflects that how much difficult it is to get admission in these colleges. One can imagine the kind of pressure the child is going through.

    ·       This is the time when parents support is most crucial and they must talk to children and try to relieve their pressure. Parents must realize that not all children are same and get good results. It’s important to realize the ability of each child and allow the child to get best out of him and do not unnecessary pressurize him to perform.


    ·       Now a days almost every college going student is in some kind of relationship. This may be emotional or some time little more than that and can reach to physical levels also. When in relationship it affects their studies, emotional health and sometimes some physical issues.

    ·       Sometimes when teenagers are heart broken in love it affects them very badly and they get depressed and develop suicidal tendencies.

    ·       Parents should be very strong to deal with this kind of situation. It’s very important that they have a friendly relationship with child and all channels of communication should be open so that child can share with them everything, even when things go wrong.

    ·       They should tell the child about the pros and cons of being in relationship in such a young age.


    ·       Teens today are very much conscious about their looks and suffer from body image problem. All thanks to this social media and selfie craze. They are spending huge amount of money on clothes and personal grooming. Not everyone has great physique or looks so all those who don’t find themselves attractive become introvert and stop socializing, as they fear that they will not get any date cos they are fat or dark in color or some other reason.

    ·       This all develops inferiority complex in them and they start lacking self-confidence.

    ·       Parents in this case should understand child’s feelings .listen to him and explain him that look is not everything and it’s more important to feel confident about one’s personality and be proud in what you have. Try to groom your personality, develop the innate qualities, always feel positive about yourself and never let the negative thought surround you.


    ·    This thought that they have to excel in every aspect of life be it academics, sports, creativity, dance, drama etc. so that everyone in college admire them or praise them can be very stressful. There are lot of problems which come with this will to be BEST in everything. At times students go beyond their limits and stress themselves than they can or should be. This all takes a toll on their health at times and they can fall sick. Also read How to take failures in life.

    ·       Parents must take good care of child and see that they are taking proper rest and do not unnecessary stress themselves. This is one reason why many students suffer from stress attack nowadays. Kids must taught to relax along with hard work which they are putting.


    ·       This is the most crucial time for students when they are not sure about their future. They are worried continuously what future holds for them. Which college they will admission, what course to pursue, uncertainty about their career. All this while they are very confused, lost, depressed, disoriented or at times day dreaming. You will also like to read

    ·       Parents must guide them in what they want to do. If required they should be taken to career counselors. sometimes they want to do something else and parents force them to do what they have decided for them .this all causes stress on them and they really don’t know what life wants from them and where they are heading.


    ·       More and more teenagers today are suffering from depression and this number is increasing only with each passing day. It can be due to personal reason or academics but it will ruin the future of child. More importantly they don’t know how to deal with it.

    ·       Parents are supposed to know how to diagnose early signs of depression in teens and help them to overcome it. If required they should be taken to psychiatrist because untreated or undiagnosed depression can lead to suicide.


    ·       This has become one of the main problem of teenagers today .They are so much addicted to social media that sometimes they get into trouble and invite stalkers. They at times are awake whole night updating their status or following others.This all creates many sleep related problems.

    ·       They are unable to concentrate on studies and are more worried about their virtual world rather than real.

    ·       Parents should see that it should be used in a controlled way and told what risk they have in using excessive social media.

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    ·       This one is more related to teenage girls than boys. Girls feel that they will become overweight and in order to stay slim and fit they skip meal or start dieting which causes anemia and anorexia in them and ultimately leads to many health related problems in them.

    ·       Teenage boys on the other hand eat lot of junk. They do not have any discipline either they will skip meal and at times over eat.

    ·       As a parent one can guide them about Healthy Eating. Tell them how this eating disorder can make them suffer in long run.


    ·       At times teenagers are so much worried about completing their task that they become distress and restless. Pressure to perform is so much that they have sleep disorders which effects their mental and physical health.

    ·       They should be told about the reality, individual capacity, importance of proper sleep and relaxation. Than only they can enhance their performance.

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