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    Tuesday, 22 August 2017

    TEENS why you should stay away from this BLUE WHALE

    Teenagers and their addiction to Blue whale online  game

    Blue whale is notorious online game which challenges people especially teenagers to commit suicide. This online game has 50 levels which gives challenges to those who are playing. Each level is difficult from the previous level and the final level pushes the person into committing suicide. 

    This deadly game has already taken the lives of many innocent teenagers in many countries .Originally started from Russia it is believed that teens from many central Asian countries have been victim of this game.

    Of late some incidences of suicide in INDIA has prompted many people to request the government to take some steps regarding this. 

    In this regard Indian government has asked many social sites like Facebook,Google,Whatsapp,Microsoft,Instagram and Yahoo to remove the game link of this game from their portal.

    Why teenagers get into this deadly THE BLUE WHALE game
    Teens who initially get into this game just out of curiosity get involved with it because of the daring challenges this game gives. This game plays with the psyche of children and asks them to watch horror and psychic movies. This game psychologically provokes players to indulge in daring and self-destructive tasks for 50 days and in the end the winning task is to end his own life.

    Teenagers who have very low self-esteem are lonely and looking for peer approval they find this virtual medium more approving and sense of pride in completing these tasks which otherwise they are not getting in real world. They are happy defying socially accepted norms and are free from fear of judgment.

    Those teens who are unhappy, directionless and lacking goals in life are more prone to this and easily drawn to this game. Lonely, lost and depressed teens are more vulnerable to this deadly game.

    Role of parents
    1. Spend more time with kids.
    2. It’s good idea to trust your child but Keep your eyes open and keep an eye on their routine.
    3. Don’t give uncontrolled access to internet.
    4. Being available to talk to them when they are going through vulnerable phase.
    5. Keep a track of their online activities.
    6. Making kids aware of danger of such games.
    7. Provide with physiological and emotional support to them.
    8. Be non-judgmental while dealing with children.
    9. Motivate children to be more social in real world and play outdoor games.
    10.             Divert their mind by giving them something new to learn.

    Role of School and Teachers
    1. If teenagers are seemingly lost, lonely and depressed parents, teachers and school management should immediately take serious action and try to divert child’s attention from this and bring him into mainstream real world and give him something new to learn and get involved.

    2. Look out for warning signs like any teenagers becoming very quiet, aloof, shows inclination towards staying alone, talks about leaving home or death. He should be immediately shown to psychologist or given medical help.

    3. School and teachers should tell them about safe online behavior. Why they should be more cautious while sharing personal information and also inform them about the dangers of private groups.

    4. Counselling teenagers on sensitive topics will help them in differentiating between right and wrong.

    We can only say that web being totally uncontrolled and uncensored it is very difficult for parents, teachers or government to control all activities of teenagers or young adults. Even if someone tries to do that than people and media start blaming them for moral policing.

    So, the onus is on teenagers themselves to understand the severity of online behavior. They should try to differentiate between right and wrong and stay away from any kind of addicting or dangerous game. 
      Everything has got its pros and cons so does have internet. If used properly internet is one of the best thing which occurred in 21st century.

    Do write your feedback  about this article and take good care of yourself.

    That all for today
    Take care
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