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    Monday, 3 July 2017

    How to diagnose early Depression in Teenagers

    teens depression

    Hi Friends
    Hope you all are doing great? 

    If in case not feeling great than this one is for you. Today I thought I will be talking about a topic which most of us suffer at some point of time in our lives but it affects more to teenagers or adolescents.

    Teenagers are generally associated with being moody, intense want to live in their comfort zone, arguing with parents most of the time, emotional and getting into high stress over troubles or showing varied mood swings.
    But, in these characters sometimes we fail to notice early signs of depression. One of the main cause of suicide in teens is untreated or under treated depression. Parenting teenagers how difficult it is?


    These are few signs parents must notice if they persist for more than two weeks.

    1.An irritable and sad belief that everything is meaningless.

    2.Loss of interest in activities which he/she used to enjoy earlier. It can be anything sport, hobby classes, dancing, travelling or socializing with friends.

    3.Withdrawal from social circle and loves to remain lonely.

    4. Eating too much or too less and as a result significant weight gain or weight loss. 

    5.Lack of interest in studies, poor performance in school and subsequent drop in grades which causes failure.

    6.Always complaining of some physical pain (headache, stomach ache or something)

    7.Too much or too little sleep. 

    8.Loss of energy, boredom and meaningless life.Since most of these symptoms are associated with teenage behavior. That’s why depression in teenagers can only be diagnosed by trained professionals.

     Factors which make a Teenager more vulnerable to Depression

     1. Loneliness and Isolation

    It is the main cause of depression when they cant confide in family members and there is this feeling of unwanted and uncared for which develops a void in them. However independent one may show but there is always an emotional dependence on family members.Thats why most teenagers find solace in company of outsiders or friends but that also does not help much in depression caused by  neglecting nature of family.

    2. Family history of depression 

    Yes it is all in the family. If there is family history of depression than you might have it in genes and can be depressed with even slightest of incidences . so keep your guards ready and if your parents or some close relative from paternal or maternal side has this previous history of depression be careful that this should not take its toll on you. 
    3. Early Childhood abuse

     One of the main reason of teenage depression which mostly occur in girls when they go through childhood abuse by some close relatives or someone else which they are unable to tell their parents and keep it to themselves . This keeps on troubling them and they go in shell.

    4. Low Self  Esteem and Confidence

     When teens don’t feel good about themselves and lack of  self confidence causes low self esteem in them . this develops inferiority complex in them. It can be related to anything be its looks, studies, popularity they start feeling bad about themselves which is main reason for depression. They need appreciation for even small things and if it is not there then they develop low self confidence.

     5. Health Problems

     Prolonged illness for some reason and if they are not able to do things what their friends are doing can also cause depression in them. They start developing this feeling of having no control over circumstances or being helpless. This helpless feeling can also develop due to over dependence on others for day to day things. 

    6. Financial struggle in family

    If their family is having some financial crises and he is the only breadwinner in the family and at times they feel burdened by not able to help their family members in undergoing financial struggles. This constant environment in home makes them prone to depression. 

    7. Separating family 

    It can be very traumatic and toll taking on a teen who is continuously facing domestic turbulence , violence ,fighting between separating or divorcing parents. The time when they themselves are going through emotional and physical changes seeing their parents going through extreme emotional breakdowns makes long lasting effect on them. It is very disturbing and upsetting for a teen to see his family unit breaking and they being subjected to many divorce clauses for their custody. This all causes an everlasting impression in their life and they can go in depression. 

    8. Romantic Breakup

    Although relationship for teenagers is only infatuation which they realize later on but sometimes breakup from friend or does not getting same feelings from other as he or she is harbouring for him(one sided love) can be cause for withdrawing themselves from social circles and ultimately cause depression. What's some advice for Indian Teens and Tweens.
    9.Academic Stress/Peer Pressure 

    A major cause of teen depression OR suicide is inability to cope up with the competitive world in terms of academics. When they are unable to perform as per their or parents expectations they start believing that they are not competent enough or good for nothing. Expectations are mostly cause of depression caused by peer pressure and academic stress. 

    10.  Inability to accept Body form/Sexuality 

    The most important cause but least discussed is when they are not happy with their body types of how they look or how they feel. Obese kids can develop depression more easily than those who are fit and smart. Their inability to discuss their sexual orientation with family like homosexual they start feeling alienated and start feeling depressed. 

    11.Traumatic Experiences 

    Teens are very much emotionally attached to family although they will not show this but if they suffer loss of some close member of family whom they idealise or love, this causes traumatic effect on their lives and is long lasting.
    What to do in case of Depression?

    1.    Express you concern: 

    It is very important that the person should feel that people around him care about him. He will know that his existence matters to others. This feeling of being wanted or cared will help him in getting out from it.

    2.    Talk to that person as much as possible:

    The more you talk more he will open up and tell you what is bothering him. If people are able to vent out their emotions than they feel better. 15 gifts which teenagers just love

    3.    Don't leave him alone:

    If it is known that a person is suffering from depression than never leave that person alone. Loneliness aggravates this problem so it’s better that someone is there to look after him and talk to him. Try to keep that person busy in some kind of activities where he is away from his problems for some time.

    4.Discuss with him in detail what is bothering:

    Knowing the root of problem will help in getting solution for it. The more you discuss with him there are chances you will come to know about exact cause of depression.

    5. Give him proper Medical Assistance:  

    Once it is clear that the person is suffering from depression than it is advisable to show him to doctor and provide proper medical assistance. It can be totally cured with medical assistance.


    That’s all for now 
    Take care 

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