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    Saturday, 29 July 2017

    5 Signs That You are Addicted to Social Media

    social media addiction

    Selfies, Holiday Pictures, Profile Pics, links of interesting articles, birthday, breakup, anniversary and what not. Welcome to the virtual word of social media where people spend hours reading content posted by others.

    Today we will be discussing about How to know that you are addicted to Social Media?

    addicted to social media

    All above activities consume so much time of an individual that he doesn’t even come to know for how long he is on social media. Imagine a person who is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat, and Whatsapp with all his notification on. Will he be able to behave normally if he is with someone? Most of the time he will be looking at his phone and texting. 

    It is not only spoiling time but also creating sleep disorders and behavioral changes. People are giving more time on virtual world than the real world in which they are living .So it’s very important that one knows that when he or she is addicted to social media and it’s time to change habits.

    According to the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, giving up social media for even just 7 days boosts happiness and reduces anger and feelings of loneliness.  

    5 signs that you are addicted to Social Media 

    1. No of Likes make Your Day

    You get a high when you get more no of likes on your pic you just posted on Facebook or Instagram. In fact it makes your day and on the other hand if response is less you feel depressed and low.

    2. Notifications are taking control of your life

    Your phone keeps beeping, blinking, vibrating, beep, brr beckoning you and you are forced to oblige it in the middle of studies, eating, sleeping, playing or working. All this is so stressful and disturbing. You fear of missing out something (fomo).This compels you to get up in the middle of night and check your phone many times. 

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    3. Low battery sign panics you

    You must have seen people travelling with 2-3 phones, power banks so that they never run out of battery and are always connected to people.You can't imagine yourself without your phone even for few hours. This is also seconded by another thought of missing network bars.You are suffering from nomophobia or the fear of screen shutting down.

    4. You feel Sad after Endless Scrolling

    After wasting hours scrolling your mobile screen you start feeling low or sad seeing others happy pictures and at times start envying your friends who have posted pics of their vacation, family functions , birthday celebration, children's success, perfect married life.you start comparing your life and feel sad about yourself and nothing seems perfect in your life.
    knowing very little about others actual life you start disliking your life and feel disappointed.You think you are the only one with problem and suffering but others are enjoying life and everything is perfect with them.

    5. You Spend Hours doing nothing in particular

    You are busy scrolling and looking nonsense for hours. Sharing viral content, watching morphed videos, checking timeline of others, e commerce, old pictures of yours, reading some reposted article of your friend and so on. List is endless. This constant checking of messages and posts interferes with your day to day functioning.

    If you feel that all this is happening with you than it's time to change your habits.

    Just imagine that how we were a decade back when these smartphones were not there. Let your phone be away from you while sleeping, keep notifications off, It's not necessary to be member of every group, give time to your family, connect with real time friends, everything which is posted on social media is not true.

    Remember That

    "Everything that Glitters is not Gold"

    That's all for today. Thanks for reading and if you liked my post don't forget to like and share it with your friends. 

    Take Care

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